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 Ereb Altor - The End - 2010 - Epic Viking/Doom Metal

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MensagemAssunto: Ereb Altor - The End - 2010 - Epic Viking/Doom Metal   Dom Abr 11, 2010 9:43 am

Ereb Altor formed way back in the 90's by Isole members, Crister Olssen and Daniel Bryntse. This is their side project where they share all the instrumental and vocal work making Ereb Altor a true two man band. Compared to Bathory by a lot of people and i can hear why but this a much more Doom inspired release rather than the viking-obsessed Bathory era material. There is a lot of sounds though that seem to be lifted straight from the works of Quorthon, the male choir chanting, the mixture of electric and acoustic guitars and even the drumming which sounds like pure Bathory at times. Despite the comparisons, they still have a few tricks of their own on this album. Most of the elements that make up a "Doom" album are here, long songs that are sometimes drawn out, some repetitive sections and moments where not much happens at all except build intensity and atmosphere. If you are aware of the sound of the members working band "Isole", you will hear a lot of similarities also, the overall sound isn't that far removed from that band. I guess this will fall into the Viking Doom category as its not your plodding, crawling Doom Metal, its a slightly faster, Black Sabbath tinged style of Doom but played with more traditional Heavy Metal/Black Metal elements. The album begins with a 4 minute intro piece titled "The Entering (Myrding Prologue)" which flows into "Myrding". The highlight of the song is the vocal performance during the chorus which has a majestic, soaring, moaning climax which is amazing to hear. "Our Failure" and "A New But Past Day" both have great guitar work and arrangements that build and climb with intensity despite the slower tempos. However about halfway in to "A New But Past Day" you get the feeling the band are not only taking the Bathory worship too far but they are also ripping off themselves. There is not a lot of variety here and the songs become a little like a copy of themselves, its still good stuff but it the songs a little short on ideas. The highlight of the disc is without a doubt the title track which is split into 3 parts taking up 24 minutes of the album. Here the band get it right on so many different levels from Epic,Viking Metal to sorrowful Doom Metal, the track is a captivating journey from start to finish. While the 3 parts of the song sound vaguely similar, they also each have a separate identity giving the album some real character which it is lacking in the first half of the album. The sound on this album is huge, mixing keyboards with a monster of a guitar sound works throughout and acoustic instruments are only really used to set the mood before the crushing electric guitar is applied. Lyrically its all about viking myths and legends and if you are a Bathory fan of the "Hammerheart" era, you would have heard it all before but it is well written and entertaining. I found the album to be split into three parts of varying quality, a great start, a dull middle and a absolutely awe-inspiring ending. The end will appeal to both Epic Metal fans and Doom Metal fans but also the more traditional Heavy Metal fan should be able to get something out of this, hardly original but rather exhilarating for the most of the album. 7/10


1.''The Entering_Myrding Prologue''
3.''Our Failure''
4. ''A New but Past Day''
5. ''Vargavinter_The End Part I''
6. ''Balder's Fall_The End Part II''
7. ''The Final War_The End Part III''


* ARTIST: Ereb Altor
* ALBUM: The End
* YEAR: 2010
* GENRE: Epic Viking/Doom Metal
* COUNTRY: Sweden (Gävle)
* SERVER: Megaupload
* FILESIZE: 85 mb

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Ereb Altor - The End - 2010 - Epic Viking/Doom Metal
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