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 Poison Sun - Virtual Sin (2010) Power Metal (Herman Frank)

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Nightmare Master


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MensagemAssunto: Poison Sun - Virtual Sin (2010) Power Metal (Herman Frank)   Sab Nov 27, 2010 2:49 am

01. Voodoo
02. Red Necks
03. Hitman
04. Rider in the Storm
05. Killer
06. Virtual Sin
07. Princess
08. Phobia
09. Excited
10. Forever


Martina Frank – Lead Singer
Herman Frank – Guitar
Florian Schonweitz – Drums
Stefan Hammer – Bass

Imagine a merciless rock riff, blazing hook, mixed up with one (female's) voice that could even melt the coldest iceberg: when the hot new band Poison Sun dives into VooDoo on their vigorous debut feature Virtual Sin, it only takes a few seconds for bedlam to break loose! This new band dishes out Metal, the way since this musical divinity was created - with no thrills, but yet, irresistible. You don´t have to be a prophet or have any clairvoyancy (ESP) to predict an overwhelming entrance onto the world stage, for this band!

Don´t be surprised by Poison Sun's lead singer. Martina Frank's voice, with its rough, low-key and melodic singing will fester your ears, the way you like it. Martina Frank is THE rock and roll diva prototype, the kind we haven't heard much of lately and is certainly one of a kind even on the international level. Her very bones are wrapped up in Rock, Blues and Metal, but listen in to her sensitivity, when she delves into the sensible tunes that grabs, displays her expressions. Martina Frank has worked in sound studios and has earned praise as a back up singer for bands like UFO, Jane and Weinhold. Now the time is ripe for her own new band, teamed up with Hermann Frank.

Poison Sun is a Hannover based band that enriches the German metal scene with their own let-loose and vital versions of traditional power metal. The brains, producer and (along with Martina) songwriter of Virtual Sin, is Herman Frank, a well established professional for profound riffing and virtuosic solo styles. The duo Frank/Frank as the driving catalyst can create songs for Poison Sun divined to become simplistic Groove-Monsters. Especially noted should be the energetic sound that Herman Frank's Arena 20 studio has waived it's magic hand over.

By their side are the notable bassist Stefan Hammer and drummer Florian Schönweitz which round out the band Poison Sun. Both of which were previously active in the Munich Metal band, Silent Decay. Both take on the task of capturing the ten songs with the essential groove. A case, that the rhythmic duo conquer and excel the occasion.

You will praise them, when their songs, dripping with brute force, blast through your speakers. Whether it's the headbanger tunes like Rednex or Rider in the storm, or foot-stompin´ marches like Hitman and Virtual Sin or the poetic hymns a la Princess and For Ever, or even the breath-taking rendition of the Pointer Sister's classic Excited: Poison Sun will grab your wicked metal soul, which ever direction they'll lead you. Perhaps we should shout it from the rooftops, this band with their undeniable debut album will be the album that the world will be bowing down to, within the next few months. Will we be worthy of this jewel dawned upon the metal world? We are worthy…
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Poison Sun - Virtual Sin (2010) Power Metal (Herman Frank)   Sab Nov 27, 2010 9:27 am

Rapaz isso paerece ser foda!!!!


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MensagemAssunto: Re: Poison Sun - Virtual Sin (2010) Power Metal (Herman Frank)   Sab Nov 27, 2010 2:19 pm

Esquema em família. Vamos conferir!